Sasso San Gottardo is now open!

The Gotthard is a place of myths and legends, of fables and national identity, where bridges are built by devils and nature displays its primordial power. It is a place that links north and south and crosses frontiers; a symbol of modernity, technical progress and engineering brilliance. Yet here too we see the limits of progress: huge traffic jams and the changes wrought by human beings on the Alpine environment. The mountain range that is the Gotthard massif is a place of ambivalence, where nature and technology, ecology and economics, openness and the fortress mentality, past and future meet.

At the summit of the Gotthard Pass, in the heart of the mountains yet far away, we reflect on the future while at the same time recalling the past. Housed in the remarkable tunnels and rock caves of a former fortress, the "Sasso San Gottardo" themed exhibition focuses on the challenges of managing our resources. We look at how the sustainable management of water, weather and climate, mobility and living space, energy and security. And we pause to admire the miracle of the mountains: the unique crystals of the Planggenstock.

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