What lies beneath this mountain, which means so much for switzerland

Sasso San
Themed Secitions

What secret was hidden so long in the heart of this mountain?

This strategic fort deep within the Gotthard massif was built to be completely hidden from view. Now the once secret stronghold is open to the public as a museum which provides a close look at its historical past. Next to the historical museum there are exhibitions on various themes which offer a glimpse of the future. Conference rooms are available here as well. Though hidden from view, the Sasso San Gottardo is open to the world outside.

Themed Exhibitions

We know about the past, but what lies ahead for us? The exhibitions include rooms devoted to various themes: energy, mobility, living space, water, weather and climate, security and gold.

Sasso San Gottardo Map


This protected monument is a living testament of a threatened era. A visitor who takes the trouble to wander along the tunnels and caverns of the historical Sasso da Pigna will find himself on a journey into the past.

Sasso da Pigna & the redoubt
The artillery Fort
  • "So much information! I have never learnt so much on a "pee" break."

    Walter Murau, Visitor